Enchantments: Prophecy and Perspective

Essay 2 of the Enchantments series: Post One can be found Here.

I meditated last night. Well, attempted to, anyway.  I’ve probably attempted it about… 3 times in the past two years. For a Pagan, I don’t think that’s a very good reflection of faith and practise. I only spent 5-10 minutes doing it, but I found myself slipping into the familiar thrum of energy. I focused on a few major words: Strength, Breath, Power and Love. As my body started to itch or feel pain or feel cold, I said that was okay and I would attend to it when I was done. By the end of it, the mystery pains that had suddenly arrived were gone again. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

Prophecy of the 2012

The preview for next months Psychologies magazine shows that their will be a discussion on the turn of 2012; so I think I should address this issue before I read any articles on it.

Some positive thinkers believe that this will be the turn of a new age. Having come from the industrial revolution, and currently being in the technological age; 2012 will mark the transition into the Age of Mind. Self-help books will find an increase in sales, the amount of people believing in or following a spirituality will increase and perhaps people will change/review their religious beliefs. This is something I’ve noticed an increase in over the last year or so – slow but steady.

I think that perception is a huge part of the turn. Those who believe the end of the world will come may find themselves attracting negative actions and situations to their lives.

This brings me to another point about perception – the actual prophecies.

When I have a dream, and I look up some of the main subjects – I have to use my knowledge and past events – I know a butterfly means freedom and survival to me, but for others it represents transformation and/or beauty.

So when they read the texts or see the pictures of the prophecies, it’s all a matter of perception.

Texts such as Nostradamus speak of the two decades before being one of the worst times to be around. I was born in 1990. I may know people who have been raped and abused, and I’ve been through my fair share of abuse myself – but I know just as many people who haven’t struggled through these things. It’s all about perception, and balance.

Humanity has let the media destroy our personal strengths, and I’m hoping and believing that 2012 will be the revelation that teaches us to find our strength – without having to go through hell and back.

I’m expecting and hoping for people to feel their feelings fully, and let go of the past. To find ways to deal with emotions safely, and understand humanity and animals on a much deeper levels.

That’s something I’ve always hoped for – maybe it’s another reason I’m taking Psychology for my degree. We’ll just have to wait and see.

~ Stars Above,

Celestial Rose


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