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I wrote an entry a few weeks back; when I originally finished my chapter in Dianne’s book. I think I’m going to spend a bit more time on the last two chapters I’ve read, slowly. They speak to me and I think I need to listen closer. Here are my original thoughts, written in the first weeks of May.


“The forth Chapter of Dianne’s book is based around the idea of creating sacred space in your home. An alter or two, casting a circle around your home to protect it. I didn’t get much beyond trying to visualise my cobblestone walls with red brick around the windows, my house tucked slightly around a corner – discreet but quaint. This chapter won’t really help me until I move into University, when the space will be my own – and even then I’ll have to move out of it after the first year: So when I come back to it, I hope to still have this blog, and I can comment on it more fully then. I now have an alter on my windowsill – for what better portrayal of the Divine being that the trees of the forest behind our garden?”


In the meantime, I’ve decided to go back to an old book I’ve never finished, and read it from the beginning.  I’m finding this challenge of writing about each chapter fascinating and I truly believe it’s helping me to understand the concepts written about in each section of these books. I believe this is especially vital to understand since I’m using this book as a workbook.

This old book is called Nothing Special: Living Zen. It’s written by Charlotte Joko Beck. My bookmarks in page 24; a ‘wise words’ Bookmark. It says “when in doubt, do nothing, be still, have patience and wait. ~ White Eagle”. In light of the title of this book, I think it’s especially fitting.

The first chapter is entitled STRUGGLE, and the first sub-section ‘Whirlpools and Stagnant Waters’. I intend to get back to page 24 which is the beginning of the forth subsection by Litha. We’ll see how I go though.


Oh, and anyone who is spiritual but likes movies with some martial arts, I’d suggest Bulletproof Monk.


Stars Above,



~Celestial Rose~











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  1. Thanks for your fun comment on my pissing off a pagan post. It as a good way of finishing a working day, I found myself laughing out loud… Your blog is very cool, loved it. Hope to see you more often!

    Bright blessigs,


    PS: I just love looooong comments, wish everyone did the same.

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