Beltain Alter

So, here’s a picture of my temporary alter for the Beltain-Litha period. There’s my plaited ribbon resting on the basil for now, I’ll need to re-pot it in a couple of days and than it can have a bit more of a permanent place. There’s my list of attributes; and there’s a snail.

Bit of Background on my snail. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember – I believe it’s ceramic… The flower in it is fake. But it’s always made me smile, and it puts me in a calm state of mind. The mirror – to most pagans I think this makes sense if you believe the divine beings live within us – Mirror = a picture of the God and Goddess.

That could just be me; but I have a feeling it’s a reasonably well known idea.

Stars Above,
~Celestial Rose~


One comment

  1. Very nice, and simple yet personal. 🙂
    After all, the purpose of an altar (for me) is a place to gather reminders of our own spiritual-ness. They can be formal and complex, or simple and personal. There is no ‘wrong way’ to make one, and yours is nice. I personally like the snail with flower, since it makes ME smile and think of spring, too.

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