Blessed Beltain.

Blessed Beltain.


It’s currently raining, but the sun’s shining through the clouds and oh, stopped raining, give it five minutes, it’ll be back. I think the weather really reflects my mood today.(or am I a reflection of it? :P)


I want to briefly comment on orthography (That means spelling). Different Pagans use different terms for the Sabbats; and spell and pronounce them differently too. I spell Beltain with an ‘I’ and without an ‘e’ because it feels right for me. Don’t ask me how a spelling can feel right, because I don’t have a clue. Same reason I call the Autumn Equinox ‘Modron’ and not ‘Mabon’ I suppose. It just represents the picture of nature at this time better for me; it resonates best with me. I spelt it differently the other day since it appears to be the most common form of spelling, and it went better with the picture. =P


My oil burner decided to send me a sign and splat my wall with essential oil… It’s the second wall in my room to get splatted; I just covered the marks on the other wall with posters of two butterflies when I rearranged my furniture.


I’ve been listening to some Pagan podcasts today and I’m learning a little at a time, which is the best way really. Ah, I can see blue sky. I’ve made my three mantra’s for Beltain, I made a little paper totem type poster of my 9 personality attributes I want to bring to my life; and tomorrow mum’ll try and pick me up a basil plant. It’ll go on my windowsill, and I’ve platted together three ribbons, one of each of my mantras. I think that since I couldn’t have a maypole, just plaiting three bits of ribbon was enough for me to feel like I’d actually done something. Since this has always been a lover’s festival in my opinion; and this time last year I was struggling with my own dislike of myself, I’m feeling quite free this year.


I wrote a blog post on the 29th on theism, based around chapter three of the book I’m working through: Dianne Sylvan’s “The Circle Within”. It’ll be up around the weekend, and I might slip in a picture of my basil with it.


I’ve got to a point where I’m starting to get a bit stressed out over my exams, and I’m feeling a bit disconnected, which makes meditation hard.

Oh, it’s raining again =]


So tonight is for myself; and for as much of my other half as I can get. Being in a long-distance relationship sucks the most at these times, in my opinion.


It’s stopped raining.


So yes, what are you doing for Beltain?


Stars Above

Celestial Rose.


Currently Reading: The Tibetan Art of Serenity, Christopher Hansard.

Currently Listening: Beltaine: Episode 11,  DarklyFey:





One comment

  1. The weather there sounds like ours. “Wait a few minutes, it’ll change”. 🙂
    Happy Beltane, Beiltaenne, or however you wish to spell it. Semantics aside, it’s the intent that counts, and I love the idea of plaiting ribbons in leu of a proper maypole. Toss some wishes for summer bounty and prosperity in there, and you’ve got a lovely, subtle, useful talisman. Depending on the size, might make a great bookmark you can carry around to help keep the luck/love beside you often through the coming year!

    I know exams are stressful, look forward to the summer when you’ll be free of them! Call your sweetie. The divine will forgive the physical limitations of distance, since it’s the spirit of the thought that matters (I think). It’s not just about love, it’s about the return of bounty. Winter’s really, really over, Summer is just about here. Enjoy life, whether it be through love, lust, ritual, reading, or rain. *wink*
    (not to tell you how to live, of course, just offering my outlook on gloomy weather this time of year…look like our big party is going to be deluged tomorrow!)

    PS: I’ll keep in mind, if I get an oil burner, to put a poster up behind it pre-splatter. I have a wax-stained wall for that very reason, when a candle exploded mysteriously! 🙂

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