Self Discovery ~ Theism Part II

The book I’m reading that led me to question my own theology and theism has just answered my question.  Dianne explains that traditionally we have two options:

  • God on Earth, i.e. Jesus; who is therefore imminent. They have form and live within the Universe. It’s said we prefer this as we feel we can connect to them better.
  • God outside the Universe, looking in; known as being transcendent.  
    She now introduces a third category:
  • Manifest.

    This is the term used to explain a Deity who IS the Universe; both a part of and outside of our world.  In my mind, this third category could encompass a consciousness of the interconnected energy; that energy in every atom of the Universe. She then explains the theory that as humans, wanting to connect, we give them a name and face; a “image for them to inhabit”. Although this may limit the Goddess to only the warrior side by calling her Artemis, it makes it so much easier to ask for her to guide us to strength and courage this way. This almost, simplification, creates the bond between human and Deity.  

On the personal front, I’ll share a little of my life. I’ve been struggling with the distance in my relationship, resulting in a higher frequency of negative thoughts and feelings.

In my past, my warrior side gave me reason, purpose and motivation. Over the last year, I lost my touch with the independent strong-willed person I was before. Having lost touch with that side and realising i’m now alone again, where that independence would really help, I’m focusing on finding my faith, and feeling secure in it, before I too, go to University in October. I’ll be further from my partner then, so I’ll need the strength.This is one of the reasons I’m reading Dianne’s book; The Circle Within. Another is the need to have a friend with me during these times, and I feel that she guides me with her writing. That’s not necessarily her goal, but most pagan books I read and learn facts. With hers, it’s like I learn about myself, and feel less alone at the same time.  

I’m not Wiccan, and as far as I know, I’m not heading that way; but I am in search of a way to clarify my own beliefs; especially to myself.
I guess believe in the intricate connection quantum physics shed a light on, slowly showing Newtonian physics to be somewhat out-dated relating to particles. But how can the energy of every atom in all the Galaxies of the Universe have a conscious mind that guides us?
I guess that’s my next question. 


I don’t really pray much anymore.I go through a list of things I’m grateful for about once a week at the moment, and try to vary it so I can cover everything. If I want to ask for something, I wish on stars. I generally fulfil my walks home 3 afternoons a week with talking to myself which often include a conversation with the Divine.

They don’t talk back, but for instance, today, although the clouds were grey and all appeared dull, I saw a goldfinch. The bright red and yellow contrasted and I took it to be a sign. So I guess you could say I’m pretty strange, in my special way.

Variety is the spice of life, as some famous person probably once said.

Stars Above,
Celestial Rose



  1. You describe yourself in a way I would have not that long ago. It is wonderful to see you figuring your way through it all! I dunno, maybe girls in England are just more smarter at a younger age than us US chicks?
    Having someone you can lean on, who trusts you, and who gives you strength when you can’t find your own is so necessary (I think). It doesn’t always have to be your lover or your partner – sometimes I get better strength from my friend who is 200 miles away – or even you who is on the other side of the pond – than I do from my husband.
    You are also remembering to keep your independence and how to deal with the alone time. Way to go!

  2. […] I am a scientific theist, and the gods come under the category of Manifest, as explained previously. […]

  3. […] – see here for my thoughts on manifest […]

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