Theism: The Inner Debate

 Me, Theistic? 

When I first started dating an Atheist, I didn’t think he’d end up being the love of my life that actually helped me become more theistic. His comment today about energy being almost like a divine being got me thinking. I think we actually have pretty similar views on Deity, and yet he’s an Atheist while I don’t know if I could manage to be without my belief in a higher power. 

I guess, technically, if I’m personifying the energy of Physics, that energy in all atoms, to have consciousness. To almost BE a conscious body of energy, such as in the Zero Point Field theory… But am I then calling myself a Deity? 

If I believe it exists purely because people BELIEVE it exists, Does that make me a theist? 

Does praying to an energy force that I give the name God or Goddess to count as believing in a God? 

I remember in Junior school, being asked if I believed in a God, and to draw a picture of what I believed. I drew a leopard sitting in a chair, watching the world from space. (Remembering that made me laugh out loud, so I hope you got a smile or two from it).

What does that say about me? (not sure if I want to know the answer to this one =p)

 Being in a relationship, with my atheist (yes, he’s my atheist now, just go with it =P), I find time when we are together to try and show him my appreciation. My methods, some would say, are ritualistic, but for me it means I am treating that act with the same reverence as I would and do, in my rituals. He does sometimes call me his Goddess, and because of my above belief: that all energies are (or all energy is? Collective noun or count noun?) Divine and me being made of energy I can’t really deny it.  

Any thoughts on theism you may have, feel free to leave them in a comment for my consideration.
I’m currently reading The Circle Within, by Dianne Sylvan, and she’s made some interesting points about Catholic nuns being more Wiccan than most Wiccans and I think she has a point.
 I think I’d like to write an essay on this, for my own purposes more than any other rationale. But first I need some points to make, some questions to attempt to answer and some facts: Some opinions for and against, some on the fence individual thoughts. 

Stars Above,

~Celestial Rose~


One comment

  1. wow, lots of thoughts to comment on, so I’ll just take them in order. Note, these are my own opinions, and thus conditional to your interpretations and my own bias. (isn’t the vaguarity of language fun!)

    “But am I then calling myself a Deity? ” – yes…but is that a bad thing? Thou art Godess, in a sense. 🙂

    “Does that make me a theist?” I suppose on some level that depends entirely on how you define the term, and if that definition holds some connotation of doubt for you. I know it’s not an answer, but it’s my honest one. Labels exist for others to use, us to explain ourselves with. They are not who we -are- inside. You are you. It’s the words that get in the way when trying to articulate “me” to others.

    “Does praying to an energy force that I give the name God or Goddess to count as believing in a God?” – yes…but again, that’s not really a bad thing is it?

    I’ll shamelessly promote my own blog, but I have gone through this similar topic myself, in more details than I could comment on here. Perhaps my thoughts will help.

    I look forward to more posts on the topic. 🙂

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