Fluffy Bunny Labels

My Pagan Practice:
Reclaiming 80%
Chaos Magic 80%
Spiritualist Church 76%
Eclectic Wicca 74%
New Age 73%
Asatru 63%
Gardnerian Wicca 60%
Traditional Witchcraft 54%
Folk Magic 51%
Theosophy 49%
Vodou 47%
Ceremonial Magic 45%
Tradition 3.09 Eclectic
Ecstatic -1.47 Solemn
Magical 0.89 Spiritual

Pagan Faith Practices Survey created by Otherworld Apothecary
Full Results:

 I found these results really intriguing. On the graph, I’m closest to Chaos Magick, and Spiritualist Curch. I’m only very vaguely aware of Reclaiming, through, I think an author’s books. I think it was Starhawk.

The Three Axes

Traditional vs Eclectic measures your proclivity for borrowing practices from faith traditions outside of your own. Many modern pagans do not have a set faith tradition; by definition they are eclectic. Indeed many folks self-identify as ‘Eclectic Wiccan’.

Ecstatic vs. Solemn measures the tendency to use movement, drumming, or dance in ritual practice as opposed to participating as an audience or employing sedentary practices such as quiet meditation.

Magical vs. Spiritual refers to the source through which you, as a magical practitioner, exert change on the world. Another way to label this axis could be Internal vs. External. Magical means that the practitioner creates change through their own will; Spiritual means that the practitioner calls upon the power of an external force to create change on their behalf.

I’m in a quite good mood today. My SO stayed over last night, so my bedroom just feels magical, just due to energies and incense I think. I’m feeling connected.


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