Connection with Love

Tir says:
I remember the one time we did fight, Rose. xD That was sad… We got into an argument about something I don’t even remember anymore… I remember we both left, ended up breaking down sobbing, then coming back online and appologizing and making up. Lol
Like, five minutes later.

SO says:
its good to lok back on argments/disputes, not to bring back, jsut to kind of relaise what happened and learn…usually theyre just from missing the other person’s point entirely though 😛

Tir says:
Was that what it was about? o.O I just remembered that we had a little squabble, and that I probably over reacted.I’m a lot better at being understanding, now. I used to be a mental and emotional wreck. Honestly, Rose was the one that made me all better. ❤ And I can’t thank her enough. Hehe.

SO says:
^_^ thats good to hear, she’s helped me learn alot about myself too, and put alot of things in perspective
*paws her*

Tir says:
xD Hehe

Rose says:
*smiles* AWWW
you guys!

Tir says:
Hehehe. 😛 Well, you know us. We wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true!

 Taking Time To Appreciate: Part 1


12:39pm Today

So, ever since Alex and I have drifted apart, I’ve realized what really matters to me in life. Friends and family.
So, over the next few notes, I’ll be taking time out of my life to post little messages here on Facebook about a few VERY influential people in my life.
For starters… Rose.

She is… amazing. There isn’t much more of a way to put it. This woman – girl – whatever you wish to call her… She’s been there for me more than anyone else ever has. She’s paid attention to me, helped me with all my problems, held me as I cried, and all around been a wonderful friend and an even better mate.
She’s helped me spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally and I love her to death for it all.
Her voice is like a blessing to my ears, soft whispers of sanity that calm ever corner of my mind. When she sings, I am entranced. The world feels like it melts away, and nothing bad could ever happen.She’s a strong woman, kind, yet straight forward. She doesn’t hide anything, which is something else that I really love about her. There’s no dodging questions, or hiding from the truth. She’s just straight forward, to the point. If she doesn’t like something, she’ll let me know, and if she’s upset, sad, angry, whatever. She’ll let me know that as well. She’s helped me with my spirituality; with totems, with beliefs, with sorting out all of life’s little things. She’s a gift from somewhere, that’s for damn sure. Hehe. Honestly, if it weren’t for her, I would not be here right now. I would be utterly and completely lost in life. She is such a wonderful friend, and a wonderful person, and I am truly blessed to have her touching my heart, my soul, and my life.

So, Rose, here’s to you! Much lovings and wulfie kisses to you! -Nuzzles, loves, and licks all over- :3
I need to remember these words when I feel dis-connnected. 

I’ve been meaning to start a post about connectedness for a week or so now, but never had the words ready.

Friday morning, I arrived at my SO’s house at 7:30am, and his mum said I could go up and see him, to wake him up. I walked into his room, put my bag down as quietly as I could and proceeded to kiss his cheek, and then his lips. He smiled before opening his eyes, and when he did open them, he just gazed at me for a few seconds. He then invited me in for a cuddle.  Lying with him, under the covers; completely relaxed and at ease, with my arm over him and his around me, I suddenly felt so connected to the world. It was sudden, but also a very calm transition. Sunday morning, just before taking him home from my house, I cried in his arms; and again, felt that connection to the divine force.

This afternoon, I’m sitting here talking to two guys (Tir and him) I love, and I’m reading the above conversation and the note, and I feel connected. At peace with the world. I need to find a way to keep this up. I had it on February 2nd, when visualising my daughter, and now, instead of crying myself to sleep because I miss my partner, I can just about still feel his arm holding me as he sleeps and I focus on that feeling.  I feel safe and again connected to magic.

Are there any thoughts or ideas regarding connection you can share with me?

Stars Above,
~celestial rose~




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