A lot of the blogs I read regularly have some form of interest in something creative. I used to use watercolour paints, and I used to write poetry. I dance and I sing.

I’ve just read a post by Dianne Sylvan and it made me think I might make a small bracelet for myself, out of three cords of ribbon I have around here. I usually use the ribbons you get on dresses and tops that are inside, the tabs for hangers… I cut them out since they irritate. I then use them to do small spells. If I’m feeling vulnerable, I’ll tie one to my wrist, and often find it’s gone by the time I get home. I take this to be a sign the Divine has recieved it as a gift. In looking for three different cords/ribbons, I found a project my grandmother bought the equipment for last year, and decided I’d like to finish it for Eostre. My Easter holidays are a couple of weeks after Eostre and Easter this year, so I may have to make it a little late. But that’s it’s purpose. New start.

It’s ironic how a new start incorperates old and new. I’ve always dressed in black as a main colour, and although this is rare now, I’d like something black I can wear that will remind me of my witchiness (I used to associate black flowing garments and chokers with Paganism – no idea why). I’ve always seen the butterfly to be a power totem of change and transformation, and I have a dragonfly on this particular project: a slightly new change. A little more transparency.
Also, a baby dragonfly is known as a Nymph. I don’t mind being assocciated with Nymphs – Artemis/Dianna had a few herself. =P

So any encouragement on how to make sure I get back in touch with this creative side would be handy, since it’s been so long since I’ve had the movitation, and making sarced jewellery is a little different from painting a kingfisher or an otter. (i’d like to do those one day, by the way, too.)

Stars Above,

EDIT: 9:12pm
That was a short project. I’ve made it a little too small – it’s a bit tight, though it fits without hurting. I have no idea how to afix the dragonfly fully, but I will at some point buy a couple of links of chain to add to the clasp so it can be that extra cm bigger.

Dragonfly Choker

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