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I’ve been reading some posts by Meadowsweet&Myrrh and soon intend to put up a little post regarding some of the topics i’ve read about. The Taoist vs. Social interpretations of integrity, 2012’s turning, sage’s knowledge, noself and nonaction… and some of my own thoughts on why common sense isn’t common and other such like things a 17-year-old wouldn’t usually be thinking about in her spare time. :]

I really want to get back to my creative roots: cooking, writing poetry, reading novels, drawing and painting. But the essays should come first. Almost as practise for my English exams in the Summer.

Stars Above,


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  1. You so surprise me with your “wise” ways. It is indeed hard to imagine that you are 17. How lucky for the world to have such smart, youthful women like you on her side!

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