Bubble Of Ignorance

This entry is unlikely to be cohesive, but please bare with me. Today is Imbolc, a time of new beginnings, cleansing and gratitude for the coming light and season. My friend and I were discussing a subject very close to my heart this morning, and I feel that writing it down may help with my journey.
She’s one of those bright, bubbly people who’s also very pretty and amazingly smart. I asked how she did it. She told me, that she pretends.

I thought of my past and how I used to do this when I was little, with Imaginary friends.

I don’t know if the method she and I use is silly or psychotic, or normal. Perhaps just another visualisation method, like meditation can be. I’d love your views on it.

Gildes: is it working for you?
i think so. I’m talking to my daughter
Rose: when i get a writers block, i walk around my room, sit on my bed and talk to my daughter and she finds really simple things fascinating – which i want to do more: Find beauty in every day
Gildes: that’s reall cute :]
Rose: ive got some oil burning and she likes then flame of the candle under the bowl of oil vanilla ^-^ smells nice and keeps my mood up too
Gildes: :] :]
Rose:  && now i have my husband, and when i walk home or to college, there’s a playground, and then a little way up a bridge crosses cove brook. And my future son and I walk from the playground to the brook. And we look for ‘Daddy’s feeshes’.
My SO goes mental at fish. When he’d walk me home from college he’d drag me (we’d be holding hands) over to the handrail and go “Feesh, feesh, FEEESH!”, which is how i know he’ll be a good dad.
Gildes: awwwwh!!
Rose: he has that childish innocence beneath his sensible mind and strong will.
Gildes: yeah
Rose: so my son and i look for daddys feeshes in the brook.
Gildes: :] :]
Rose: so i feel close to him
Gildes: yr so cyoooooote!!!   i think thats lovelyo lovely lovely :] and makes me happy aha.  i think youll be a good mummyyy
Rose: When he got home the other day, he said “I’m going to nap, look after the kids?”  heh, thank you
Gildes: thats k :]   its the tr00f :]
Rose: He’s never really talked about them unless i bring them up first. So that really hit me =]
Gildes: yeah. thats really cool.


 So I guess this is my second weekly focus. Finding the simple beauties in daily life.
Blessed Imbolc Everyone.

 ~Celestial Rose~ 


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  1. I am curious about Imbolc and would love your perspective on this ritual. I had not heard of it until I came upon your blog, and the meanings I get from books won’t mean half as much as the one in your heart. When you get a moment, maybe you could tell me?

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