101 in 1001

I’ve made a decision regarding my 101 in 1001 list. Technically, it still has just over 10 months on it: However, upon looking over the things left to tick off, I’ve found the cause of having so many left.

I don’t want to do them. There are some things on there from college and karate, from when I was ill and when I lived in one town, with certain resources.
I’ve decided therefore, to stretch the deadline from Monday July 19th 2010 to 500 days from now (Friday 21st January 2011), and created a list of 50 items.

50 Aims In A Year

Environment – /6
■ Release 5 books
■ Don’t use plastic bags
■ Learn to identify 5 trees by leaf, fruit, shape and colour
■ Sign up to earth hour 2010 [6Mar10]
Attend a lecture/talk/meeting about natural remedies [28Nov]
Perform energy work once a week for a month DAILY [11Dec]

Creative Fun – /12
■ Put all my spare coins in my money pot to open on July 19 2010
■ Decorate my Wand
■ Make my own jewellery/pendant out of wood
■ Have 10 completed watercolour sketches (pencils or paints) (5/10)
■ Summarise the Noble Warriors Trilogy by William Nicholson
■ Read 15 books in thirteen weeks [26Sept]
■ Make a flower wreath
■ List 100 things I love [24Sept]
■ Write and Send a love letter [17Nov]
■ Learn to knit again
■ Give useful presents [25Dec]
Make collage, frame and find it a home [19Sept]

Domestic/Health – /9
Investigate natural balms for bruises/sprains. [28Nov]
Eat 5 a day for 2 weeks [22Oct]
Cook 5 more “new” dishes [7Oct]
* Tagliatelle with Veg  & Butter Sauce  [8sept]
* Tuna, Cheese & Sweetcorn on Toast  [13oct]
* Paprika Rice  [7oct]
* Fruit Salad   [9oct]
* Chicken and Vegetable Basmati Rice  [7Nov]
* Paprika and Parsley Chicken  [28Nov]

■ Give blood
■ Stretch daily for a week [8Jan10]
■ Exercise for an hour a week for three weeks
Practice meditation 2x/week for a month DAILY [11Dec]
■ Bake a cake
■ Cook flapjacks or cookies

Challenges – /13
■ Have my tarot cards read
■ Go to a camp/conference/course
■ Make Cloak
■ Go on a picnic
■ Go to the sealife centre
■ Visit the beach four times [2/4]
■ Make some form of board/book of achievements relating to facing fears/learning experiences
■ Pass my second year
■ Do 10 things which test my boundaries
* Visit HillFort  [19oct]
* Dance & Lead a Song[24oct]
* Attend a NIA Session [25oct]
* Singing Workshop x2  [19+26Nov]
* Belly-Dance Class [30Nov]
* Perform On-Stage (Singing) [2Dec]
* Went out for lunch [Pizza Express] with second Cousin [31Dec]
* Lead a Workshop [14Jan10]
* Undergo Reiki [5Feb10]
* Invest in ShivaNata [21Feb10]

■ Nature place with Husband (natural history museum, sealife centre)  [27Feb10 – Wild Park Nature Reserve]
■ Attend Pagan gathering: Witchfest/ Goddess Conference/ ect
■ Complete one of those Paganism books I’ve been meaning to finish for years
■ Go to Scotland

For others – /5
■ Do 15 more random acts of kindness
■ Give a present at Samhain to University friends
■ Volunteer [Summer09]
Donate at least 50 items to a charity shop [17Sept]
■ Pay for a friend’s bus fare/drink/lunch

For me – /5
■ Vote in another election
■ Drink two litres of water every day for a month
■ Use my blender twice a week for three weeks
■ Take out 4 library books (2/4)
■ Share magic with husband (take him to open ritual?)

I completed 53 of my previous 101 items  (see below), so I’m aiming to complete at least 48 of the 50 new choices. This gives me the same ratio of time/effort/items as 101 in 1001 days; just in half the time. (as this time I managed around half in 2/3rds the time; this will be an improvement).
I’ve kept some of the “in progress” projects as well as some of the old unstarted ones. Inspiration for some of the new ones came from A Piece of Wood‘s Bucket List. I just felt that with this sudden burst of newness in me, I should let my list reflect my desires.

Here’s the completed items from my previous 101 list:

101 Things in 1001 Days
From date: Monday, October 22, 2007
Resulting date: Monday, July 19, 2010

004. Grow own herbs. [Basil 2/05/08]
005. Learn to cook 10 meals competently: [25/05/09]
Pasta Bake
Cheese on Toast
Pasta Carbonara
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Cottage Pie
Beans, Sausages and Mash
Macaroni Cheese
Spiced Vegetable Salad

011. Write this list. [22/10/07]
012. Draw in sketchbook before going to sleep every night for a week [31/01/08]
014. Actively practise singing Memories, Angels, Dangerous Mind, Pale. [15/01/08] Sang “Forgiven”.
015. Read 6 books in 6 months: [April 16th 08]
Outcast (Michelle Paver) [24/10/07]
Wiccan Wisdomkeepers (Sally Griffin) [23/03/08]
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (J K Rowling) [16/12/07]
Morrigan’s Cross (Nora Roberts) [22/03/08]
Dance of The Gods (Nora Roberts) [06/04/08]
Valley Of Silence (Nora Roberts) [10/04/08]
Dance Upon The Air (Nora Roberts) [16/04/08]

017. Complete a drawing of human body part. [Hand]
021. Participate in
Sunday Scribblings every Sunday for a month. [25/11/07]
022. Redesign my blog. [28/07/09]
026. Finish the Celestine Prophecy so I can start Mists of Avalon. [02/08/09]

030. Attend a lecture/talk/meeting about animals. [15/06/08] Wildlife Aid Open Day.

032. Learn to divinate using tarot or runes.
034. Invite friend(s) and host a full or new moon tea. [22/12/07] Yule Buffet.
037. Explore/research all 8 sabbats and determine meanings & associations for self. (8/8)
039. Do a blessing at new or full moon. [09/05/09] Esbat with Dan
040. Heal someone. (Mentally and magickally). [27/02/08] Andy
041. Perform a magickal circle with someone else. [02/05/09] Open Wiccan Circle Beltaine/Druid Circle[03/05/09]
042. Set up an actual Alter. [2/05/08]
043. Write a ritual to do with someone else. [09/05/09] Esbat with Dan
095. Treat myself (and Husband) to some sensual underwear. [12/11/07]
098. Complete
10 random acts of kindness. [10/05/08]
099. Come out to Mum about spirituality/religion. [Mum 18/11/07]
101. Go swimming with Husband and kiss in the pool. [15/07/08]

048. Find a good multi-vitamin with iron and take daily for a week/month.[WEEK 28/10/07]
049. Get to green belt in Karate before I leave for Uni. [Graded 11/05/08]
050. Practice meditation 1x/week for a month. [5/12/07]
052. Eat a piece of fruit a day (in yoghurt or actual) for a week. [27/10/07]
053. Eat a fruit or vegetable for every day for three weeks.
054. Let someone perform energy healing on me. [Karate Grading 11/05/08]
056. Get my eyes tested. [28/02/08]
059. Gain weight- [[9 stone 3+]] (9 stone 5) [20/12/07] 9 stone 6. =)
060. Get some baggy trousers. [23/10/07]
061. Go swimming. [15/07/08]
062. Grow my nails. [19/07/08]
064. Wear plaits/pigtails in public. [12/11/07]
065. Pass my driving test. [Theory 20/02/08] [Practical 25/04/08]

067. Get into University. [BBB, 14/08/08]
070. Teach someone about something pagan related: meditation, coven, Reiki. [Presentation on Reiki 8/05/08]
072. Pass my first year of my BSci. [17/07/09]
075. Museum with Husband [10/08/09] Science/ Victoria & Albert
077. Feel confident at using public transport on my own, and visit Husband to prove it. [22/2/08]
078. Go to a place of natural beauty alone. [7/3/08] Tavistock Square Garden, London.
079. Use a public transport service alone – ticket and travel. [8/7/08] Bus, Aldershot.
080. Go on holiday with husband. [12/07/08]
081. Get a Job. [27/07/09]
082. Sort out a bank account. [11/06/08]
083. Stop swearing for a week. [7/3/08-14/3/08]
084. Meet an online friend in person [Ciaran, 8/7/09]
085. Attend a party. [31/12/07] New Year.
087. Volunteer somewhere. [27/07/09]
088. Swim in the Sea. [7/07/09] Irish Sea
089. Go to a Gig. [18/05/09]



  1. holy hel. Great list! I never saw this before because I didn’t look up at the top of the page. Awesome though 🙂 good job, kid.

  2. […] 101 in 1001 […]

  3. I’m taking you to the sealife centre!!!!

  4. Hey! Like the new digs. And wow – what an impressive list…

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