I notice I’m still getting traffic here – but I’ve moved!! You can find me over at Wings of Flight. Wings of Flight is my spiritual hub; my path to Druidry and beyond. Come on over and leave a comment to say you’ve made the switch; don’t forget to update your blogroll links! In Light, Rose. […]

I’ve mentioned Summer’s Apple Pie recipe a couple of times in the last few months: Simple Food Food Quiz It’s times like these when I wish I could record and transmit scents to the internet. This microwaved apple crumble, based on Summer’s apple pie recipe smells amazing! I sliced [didn’t peel] 2 washed apples, blended […]

I’m so sorry to have abandoned you like that! I moved to a new blog [yes, again; but I’m here to stay this time!] and didn’t tell anyone! How silly of me. Please come a say hi over at wingsofflight.wordpress.com and I shall apologise personally. -hugs to all-

I’ve been having massive moments of *bing* these past 2-3 weeks. Things slotting into place, intuitive nudges and opportunities I never thought I’d get. I’ve also had some interesting lessons about blogging; which I’m taking time to really settle in. I don’t want to stop after 5 years of loyal work, but it might be […]

As Dianne Sylvan put it via Twitter: “Happy whichever day to whoever celebrates whatever it is.” Tonight I’ll be doing a small ceremony to welcome the coming of light; of spring. I came home from lecture and tidied/swept my bedroom and today also marks the start of my second 5-a-day-for-14-days challenge. Tonight’s Meal: Chicken soup […]

Well, the workshop was interesting. I learnt a couple of things, though perhaps not as much as I wished. It didn’t really go as well as I’d hoped but that’s life: You win some, you lose some.  I did it, and that’s what really mattered. Life’s being hectic at the moment: Applying for jobs, work experience, […]

This week I took part in The Great Interview Experiment. This means I was interviewed by one blogger, and I interviewed another. If you’re interested in taking part, just leave a comment on that post. I had to get in touch with the person before me, but it’s not a difficult task and reaps some […]